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Help reading PSU tester

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Aug 14, 2003
In another post on the forum I discuss some problems with my computer.

The gist is that after a power outage at the house the machine will not boot up again. The system fans and the video card fan turns on when you push power but nothing posts. I eliminated the MB by purchasing another and swapping it out...same symptoms persist. So my next thought is that maybe something happened to my PSU so I went and bought a PSU tester for $6. The PSU in the box is a PC&C SILENCER® 610. When I hook it up to the tester and turn it on all the lights but 1 lights up and it beeps at me. What this means is that PG, +12v, -12v, +5vsb, +5v, and +3.3v all turn green. But the -5v does not turn on. The manual just says lights will illuminate and a tone will be heard.

Should all the lights turn green? I do not have another 24 pin PSU to compare against and am not sure how to read the results.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.
Groovy, so it seems the PSU is fine and I should look somewhere else. Thanks!

Possible issues:
MB -> new MB has same results, not it
PSU -> Tester seems to say it is good, not it
CPU -> New one on the way...
Video Card -> Took it out and booted, machine still acts the same
Memory -> Will take them both out and boot, then one at a time to see if I can get posting screen.
Well it turns out that one of my memory sticks has gone bad on me. Funny thing is I thought I tested them first thing but out of desperation (nothing was working) I tested them individually again and this time I got life with one stick but not the other. So I ordered some new memory from the egg and I am going to look for my packaging to see if my gskill has a warrenty.