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HELP! snapped resistor on voodoo graphics card

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May 23, 2001
heres my problem....
i was just taking my hard drive out and then i knocked my voodoo 3 2000 card and snapped off a resistor thingy near the memory chips (may not be a resistor...probably is). the resistor is virtually impossible to solder back on because one of the two terminals is in side the little resistor and is not accessable. As a result, my computer locks up every few minutes, making me scream and shout and wish i had taken the graphics card out first.

Is there any way i can replace this with another resistor thingy or some fuse wire (i dunno!) or anything, or will it be okay if i bypass this little thing and just join the two terminals on the voodoo card together? ........

any feedback is much appreciated...cheers lads (and lasses...maybe)

p.s: i dunno if this helps but on the resistor it says:

You could probly buy a similar resistor at radio shack and solder it on.

Or did u say u couldnt solder, nevermind heh
haha very funny/....i CAN solder...the resistor has lost its terminals to solder.......so radio shack eh? ...does that exist in the UK, cos i thought radio shack was US..
thats exactly what happened on mine, except, its the top right one, not the middle one...thing is, mine crashes a bit, and the one with a resistor broken in the middle not the top right doesnt crash....so shall i carefully try to take the one from the middle and solder it to the top....or will i just make a balls-up of it?...probably.....well, my comp isnt running yet cos im waiting for a 40GB IBM HDD to come, but when i do try my voodoo 3 2000 out again, i will try joining the two terminals on the board together, so the current is actually getting through and not stopping, possibly stopping the random video crashes....thats my theory...cos the capacitors only change the voltage or something, so if its bypassed and rejoined with no capacitor, itll maybe work, but at a higher voltage .... :) ...thatd be cool if thats the case...might help my overclocking of it....ive jst attached a larger heatsink and a HSF to it, hopefully helping the defauly clock speed of 143mhz get past what i currently have (170mhz).......we'll just see......
u don't think u could find a similar/same
resistor and solder that directly to the terminals?

dunno how much your vid card would appreciate have that extra voltage cranked through...
cuz technically u are forcing a short circuit..
doesn't sound healthy to me boss
hmm who bought voodoo? was it nvidia? i think so just email their tech support with the designation of the resistor you broke off "R1,R2,ect.." and ask them what the resistance value is then got to www.digikey.com or www.mouser.com and buy a similar one and solder it on make sure its the same resistance and wattage