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Help speeding up a latptop....

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Dec 25, 2004
I got this laptop refurbished last year:


It wasn't spectacularly fast, but it was decent.

Now however, just web browsing on it feels like wading through molasses.

I swapped out the HD for an SSD right after I got it, and upped the RAM to 8GB.

Now I can still play Plants Vs. Zombies with about the same experience as last year. Just a little bit slow, but playable.

But loading a web page, with Firefox V47 can take a minute to two minutes depending on how many adds are on the page.

I've also run Never 10 on it and deleted the Win 10 install files to free up space.

Speaking of PvZ, it is still slow with web pages even after shutting Steam down right after a fresh boot.

I'm on Wi-Fi with 4-5 bars and right over the AP.

Any idea where to look or suggestions on what to do with it?
Try a different browser and see if it improves.

Will do. I did try IE out for a bit and it seemed similar, but I didn't spend a lot of time on it, so I couldn't say for sure. I'll check both on some of the same sites and time them.
First, make sure Superfetch and Disk Defragmenter are disabled in Services. Second, normally if you install windows 7 to an ssd it will properly align it. If you image it over and then install the disk, it will not. See here for an easy way to align it without having to reinstall.
To check the alignment, use the Search box as so:
List disk
Select disk n (where n is the ssd's number given in List disk)
List partition

The 'offset' (in KBs) has to be divisible by 4 for it to be properly aligned. (MBs will have to be converted)
Multiple partitions will each have to be aligned separately.

Other than that, just normal tlc and maintenance is required. Use Autoruns from system internals to check for entries that are missing (or that are unused and can be disabled/deleted). Disable services and aps that start automatically unnecessarily. I use Process Hacker as a Task Mgr replacement-highly recommended. Use a program like Bleachbit to clean your junk on a regular. Battery Bar is a great taskbar Power system icon replacement, which can be disabled.
Your processor is the i7-820QM (1.73 GHz, turbo 3.06Ghz) so you should be able to use a 'high performance' power setting to get the always on higher clock ratios which will of course drain your battery faster.
Update everything and make sure there are no problem device drivers. Other than that it would be nice to replace the n nic with an ac one.
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Have you tried benchmarking your Internet connection with something like speedtest.net? Maybe something between your laptop and the Internet is getting flaky.
I find a lot of time when laptops get slow they need a good cleaning as they are throttling due to heat.