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HELP....Tbird goes to high and don't know whats wrong.

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Mar 16, 2001
Ok, heres the deal. I have a Alpha7HO from 3DFXCool. Its a Alpha PAL6035 with a Sunon fan on it. I've put the fan both ways sucking and blowing :) to no avail. On boot up the system reports ~123°F, once windows has booted MBM5 reports ~127°F, then the temps starts to fall and bottoms out @105F under normal use and with no use goes to around 98F. Then, when I try to encode mpg4 it shoots up to 130-5F and slowly climbs to 138F. After canceling the encode and 30 seconds later I'm back down to 118 or so. I'm using Arctic Silver and have applied it three times. Once on the original install and two times later without removing the board. Does anybody have an inkling of whats going on here. BTW, Sandra reports my CPU temp @ something like 83°F. I've got my Vcore to 1.6 at the moment too. Please help. Thanks to all here, your a great group.
You didn't specify what type of CPU you have, but let me guess: You didn't use any thermal grease?

That's usually the source of these "high temp" problems. I could be wrong though, so if you did put thermal grease (and you put enough) feel free to let me know that I was mistaken. My ego can take it, really.
To be truthful I don't think your temps are bad. They are about what mine were when iI was air cooled. At boot your system will climb and then drop as your cpu slows down.If your system gets up over 122 f then you might start to worry. As far as the Artic Silver goes. You don't want it applied over paper thin, don't use your finger to spread it , use a creadit card. I hope this is some help to you.
Almost sounds like TIM Pad syndrome

These high speed T-birds and T-birds running high core voltages, like mine, really skyrocket when you load them down.

I should have thought before I wrote. Your temps are a little high. Sorry. Have you tried to lap your heat sink? If not try that it should help.
I have been telling everyone if you get a Alpha get one with the delta fan. The sunnon stinks. My fop 38 cools my cpu 10c cooler that the 6035 and was $10 cheaper.
quit being gay, it isn't that hot. they are rated for way more temperature

than where you are pulling the plug. think of it this way, if they get too hot, they crash. screw the hardware monitoring POS programs that have your panties all bunched up.
Did you ever check the temps in the bios to see what they are. The bios temps are what you go by then adjust MBM with the compensation adjustment to make them the same.
Yep, checked the temps in the bios and they are the same. I've spread the AS with a razor blade once and just put a dot on the core and squashed it down twice....both ways show no improvement. I think I'm going to just get a swiftech 462a.
Another update...
Put a 80mm fan in the side of my case slightly offcenter of my HSF blowing out and now my temps are about 98-100F at idle (have seen 93F) and now after encodeing for some time seems to peak at around 131F. I'm really starting to think that its a matter of air flow from that puny Sunon fan, something like 22cfm.....I'm getting a Delta (regaurdless of the noise) and seeing if that helps. If not I guess I'm getting a new HSF.
You have that new fan blowing the wrong way.
Go get a paper cup that when cut fits over the fan on your CPU. You will have to experiment a little here because you want the cup to fit tightly around your HSF.
Turn the fan on the side of your case so it blows fresh air in to the case.
Cut the paper cup so that wide end of it just misses the intake fan on the side of the case.
The Idea here is to take cool air from outside and force feed it on to the HSF this super charging of your HSF with air from outside the case will make your HSF more effecient and the inside case temp will have less effect on your CPU.
Just make sure you use a larger CFPM fan on the side of the case than is mounted on the HS. You don't want to feed a 38CFPM fan with a little 26CFPM.
I gained 19MHZ and lost 14F under Full load. I went form 134F to 122F
Have fun and keep cool
Ok, put my side case fan blowoing in and my HSF blowing in as well. My idle temps are now at about 93F, about 13F above case temps. BUT, my chip temp still climbs to 138 to lockup. I'm starting to think now that the spring on the HSF isn't adequate enough to squash the stock pads on the T-Bird/C. The pads that came with the HFS are MUCH softer. Anyway, I'm goign to try the delta fan but prolly going to invest ing the Swifttech w/ rehostat.