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Jan 14, 2001
i have a thunderbird 750MHZ not oc and idle it runs @ 49 c and runs even hotter when it has a load on. i need some help i include pic of my heat sink/ fan and otherthings , i dont know what to do it shouldnt be doing this, i dont know why the rpm is at 5700 my vcore is 1.75 even though in the soft 3 menu i have it set to 1.70, but it registers at 1.75, when i have it set to 1.75 it registers at 1.81, so i keep it at 1.70 and it runs fine, i managed to get it overclocket to 1000MHz and it was farly stable ever now and then it would freeze but it was rock stable at 950.00 x9.5, but it runs hott ocording to the sensor on the abit raid socket a motherboard, so its really wierd, my spec on my fan/hs is ,
fan type: 50x50x15mm ball bearing
+12v dc @0.1 amp
dimensions: 50x56x42 mm
does that sound ok the people at frys said it woould work. so i need help i have thermal compount nte303, and i have a lot of it on the core, please help!! ah need advice
please write here and copy and paste what you wrote and email me at [email protected]
thanks so much oh and can you tell me if this lookes like an ok fan/hs??? http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAP...0&showTutorial=0&ed=982907646&indexURL=0&rd=1
Cute pic of the HSF. PLEASE....do yourself a favor and don't buy anything without full spec's!!! There are plenty of knowledgable folks here to help. :)
i have to put the pic on later my digitol camera is messed up right now
will get it tomorrow
No...I meant cute pic from the link...also it's 50mmx10mm....I'd think 10 times or so first....IMHO
Need a good but cheap heatsink? Go with Taisol, that's the one I got. Here are my specs

Tbird 800 @ 1029Mhz @ 2.01v (Can't go any higher which sucks)
Asus A7V
Artic Silver II, it helps with 1 degree from Artic Silver 1
Temps idle = 41 Degree Centigrate
Temps Load = 44 Degree Centigrate
It's loud but it works,
well whats a good size of fan then? i need some help here. im surprised i got up to 1000 stable with my 750 tbird, but i need some help please thanks
Minimum on Tbirds I would say 60mm. Anything lower then that you are asking to fry your CPU. The heatsink you showed there really isn't going to cut it even if it's twin fans. When teh fans are counter rotating they only produce more pressure not CFM. There really isn't a good reason to stack fans like that.
that hsf on ebay doesn't look good. too fancy a design with too few fins, and double-stacking fans doesn't help anyway. spend the extra and get a good hsf.
i also have the abit kt7 raid (the best motherboard i ever had) and i want to make shure it will fit.