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Help to overclock Xeon 2670v2

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New Member
Jan 23, 2021
Can you help me to overclock my Xeon 2670v2?
I have MSI X79A-GD45 MoBo.
I overclocked it to 3.15 GhZ with 109 BCLK, but if I go to 110, pc don't turn on.


Jan 12, 2015
Your going to have to give some more info... IIRC if you increase the BLCK -> YOU also increase the memory speed. Do you have the memory set to auto??? What is the Voltage on the CPU??


New Member
Jan 23, 2021
to avoid memory failure, I decreased memory frequency to 1333 and after bclk overclock, it went to 1440, which is lower than stock, 1600mhz.
I tried with Auto freq. on memory, but I have same problem
CPU voltage is on Auto, because when I change it for example to 1.1 and boot Windows, it's under 1.1.
It is not fixed on 1.1

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Also I noticed that it happens when I change CPU strap.
If I set it on 1.25, it doesn't turn on.
If I goes to more than 109 bclk, CPU strap is changing itself to 1.25 and PC doesn't boot.