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Help Tweaking RTL IOL TIMINGS in z690p asus

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Feb 3, 2012

Those are the timings. Don't know what some mean. My goal is to tight rdl/iol. Now. I know that some of em are Related to dimm slots. # of them.

What is RTL init/max value MC0 cha- this is the trl/iol values? Rtl? They are on auto. No clue what they shoild be by default.

What's MC0/1 and cha? Channel A and Memory controller? Plus no channel a2 for a reason?

Then then rtl/iol offset for them. Again for no specific value. And why are there three commands: min/max/offset?

Then comes same mode but MC1 INSTEAD of 0 and only 1 command.

And which ones are rtl and IO?

Afterwards come rtl/oil value for each dimm slot. Total 4 slots. Each slot with own rtl/iol config. Right?

Need elaboration on these values beside em.


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