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Help what is wrong mith my pc?

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Jan 28, 2002
The Netherlands, Rotterdam
I have installed the latest nvidia detonator drivers. (41.03) But when i run 3dmark 2001se and try to benchmark something strange happens. It runs al the tests great but at almost the last one (pixel shader), it says no hardware support and returns to my desktop. What is wrong? With the 30.30 drivers everything runs great! I really want to use the 40's because it increases my benchmarks and fps. It is not the computer in my sig. All my 3d games run really great only 3dmark is not. I have installed the latest sis agp drivers (1.12).

System specs:
Athlon xp1700
Ecs K7s5a
512mb ram pc2700
Asus v7100pro Geforce 2mx 64mb
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Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
crystal... its not a matter of pushing the computer too hard...

the gf2 doesn't have pixel shaders so it can't run all of the tests since there are specific tests for pixel shaders.

this is very common with tests on machines running cards that are not directx 8 or higher compliant.

mysticuss... there is nothing wrong with your computer. 3dmark is just saying your card is a bit dated. time to spend some green! if you got some :eek: