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Help, Win98SE WDM no mixer problem.

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Well I figured the title was a good clue, and it's doing it with an aztech chip card, an Avance ALS100+ ISA card and 2 different ALS4000 PCI cards. I didn't mention the types because I figured having now tried 4 different ones, it's not the hardware.
oh.. DUH haha man i feel dumb haha i didnt see that "98SE" part :p anyway... umm i've has the ALS4000 PCI carding working in a 98se machine before :) which drivers are you using ?

here are the drivers for the ALS100+


and the ones for the ALS4000


sometimes 98se is kinda stuburn, so i dunno :/ sometimes drivers wortk the first time, and sometimes they dont and you gotta do them agian, but if you download those they are .exe and they do everything for you :) all you have to do is agree with what it want's to do.
Yeah thanks those were the ones I had but they wouldn't work. I put an ESS 1868 in it now, the WDM drivers that come with WIN 98SE auto installed.... and didn't work, so I pulled some 98 ok VXD drivers off the net and installed those and it works.

I am wondering if it was a direct X issue, whether it didn't like drivers being installed after it was.