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Help with 933 FCPGA

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New Member
Nov 12, 2002
Overland Park, KS
I have an ASUS P3C-D with 256 RAMBUS memory, the latest BIOS and I am currently trying to upgrade from 2x677 slot 1 to 2x933 fcpga using adaptor cards. Running in single processor mode, the process is recognized etc and can be OCd to 1025. However when I place both processors in and try to boot, I get he dreaded no BIOS post, etc. I've tried manual dipswitch and no dipswitch mode to no avail. Any sugesstions. I had my 677s OC to 750 and running stable.



Jul 7, 2002
I have had some problems with slockets in the past but not this particular problem. If it were me I would get a cheap dual P3 fcpga board. $30-$50 bucks. It should be more stable then slockets anyway. This is what I did.


Senior Toilet Scrubber
Jan 16, 2001
Rosemount, MN
I havent used slockets on a dual but I did use one on my abit bx6 2. Make sure your jumbers on the slotkits are right. It could be that the slotkit disables smp. I really have no clue on this.

I know telling someone to buy a better board is about the worst response possible but I have no clue on this one.

I'm running an Abit vp6 with two p3 1000EB chips right now. If you can find one of these boards then I would switch.

I really don't know. I would contact asus and whoever makes the slotkits and ask them if no one here has a better answer.