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Help with a modem/router query

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Jul 30, 2014
Hi all,

Wanting to know how I can go about having router reboots recorded (so I know when its been tampered with) mainly to avoid tampering with my router when I am not around. I do not leave my computer on so I would appreciate it if someone has knowledge on how this can be done without having to psychically alter my router. The router I am using is Wireless-N ADSL2+ Modem Router WAG120N.

Otherwise if there is someway when the router is rebooted I can have it kick off x device from the network so I have to manually approve it back into the network once the connection is up again.


Your modem should have an event log that would tell you when it has been shut off and when it started. You should also be able to set it to filter all devices by MAC address.
Once you're on the network, type in your browser address bar and hit Enter. You should be at your modem page. The default user name and default password should be on the modem/router or in the paperwork. Otherwise go to the manufacturer's website for the info. Also a good idea to change them while you're in there. Once in you should see a menu with various settings and info, including "filter by MAC address". That will allow access to certain MAC addresses only. All others will be blocked. You can also schedule access by days of the week and times.
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Ok I think I found it admin > event log it was turned off so will this now record a log of reboots etc ?
It should record every event, including log ins to the network and power cycles. :) You want to change the default user and password for the modem. That will be one more level of security to keep someone from getting in to it and changing your settings.