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Help with bios and multiplier on a abit kt7-a raid

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Mar 5, 2001
I did a fresh install of windows on my new system and had everything working ok . I was trying to change my front side fsb from 100 to 133. So I changed the multiplier from 11X100 to 8x133/33 now my system won't boot . I tried resetting it several times and even cleared the cmos with the jumpers and it still won't start.
First question
How can I get my system back up with default settings?
2nd question what am I doing wrong tring to get my fsb to run at 133?
I have micron 256/133 cl2
viperII video
soundblaster live value
thank you for your help in advance
I probably am not understanding to well, what I am doing
Clear cmos BUT MAKE sure power is disconnected from the power supply !!Still not cleared well Pull the battery out of the m/b.Put it back in reboot.

Is the processor a 266 fsb processor ??

Is it unlocked ???
When I go too far on my kt7-raid I reboot holding down the insert key this lets it boot at the chip default then you can go into the bios and try a new setting
It's a 200 fsb hmm does that mean it multiplies times 2 thats why it reads 100?
ON my KT7A-Raid if I go to far on the FSB and it won't boot I just turn the system off 2 or three times then it resets to cpu default. If you will set it at 133/33 with a 7.5 multi. it should boot. then after it goes to windows play a game a couple of mins. Then go in and up the multi. .5 and do it again. Do this in .5 increments until system locks or gives an error then back it up to be stable. then start with the FSB one m at a time till it locks; then back it up one to make it stable. Be sure to keep an eye on your temps. You will be able to go farther if you have watercooling.
I hope that this is some help to you.

KT7A-Raid T-bird 1000@1233 Watercooled
KT7-Raid T-bird 1000@1144 Aircooled

ps ; If you haven't already done this you should download the newest drivers for your sound blaster live. With both of my KT7 boards I had trouble until I did that.
My cpu is not unlocked yet but is there a setting I should use in the bios to make it work on 133mhz instead of 100x11. I tried 8x133 and it locked up.
If its 8x133+ 33 =1099mhz? Am I figuring this out right? I am trying to make sense of what I am doing I am completely new at this and want to learn
if your CPU is still locked then even tho you can change the numbers in the bios it is not changing on the chip it is trying 11X133. the only way to change multiplier is to unlock [BRIDGE THE L1'S]. The Bios number will change no matter what.
Does that mean that it will run at is only 11x100? there is no way to change the front side bus to run at 133 without unlocking it? I thought you couldnt change the multiplier to higher than it was rated to run unless you unlocked it ? So there is no multiplier option unless you unlock it Correct?