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Help with Bios

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Wicked Klown

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Dec 20, 2000
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
I tried to update my Bios today and it won't let me. I have the Dragon+ with the kvxa2ba1 Bios and I'm running Windows XP formatted with NTFS. When I started up the computer with the floppy in it said to remove disk and press any key. What gives, why can't I update my Bios?
I think you need to go to www.bootdisk.com and get a bootable floppy. Put that on the floppy, along with the flash utility, and the BIOs file, and you should be good to go!
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I don't think that would be a problem... You're flashing the bios, not doing anything from windows. Use a win98 bootdisk. Somebody check me on this though as I've only flashed 1 bios so far.
What you need is the DOS disc, sorry I wasn't more clear. BIOS flashing is done in DOS, but XP doesn't use DOS at all. A Win98 boot disc will work as well, if you have one lying around, it has DOS.
Edit: the Win98 startup disc has a lot of stuff on it that you don't need for flashing, to do it right with 98, go to the floppy, and use the option to "copy system files only".
Thanks for all the help. I made a boot disk, with all the stuff for the Bios and still nothing. I guess I'll have to take it in and have them do it for me. Maybe they can even get IDE channel 3 and 4 to work.
bios flashing

There might be a jumper on your motherboard for bios write-protection. You'd have to move the jumper over to be able to flash the bios.
o.k. the first thing to do is make a bootable disk without all of the garbage on a startup disk. do this by going to a dosprompt in 98se or whatever and typing in format a: /s. Put a floppy in and you are done. Remember to include the space before the /s. /s simply means system files. If you have read the readme at the soyo site you should understand that it is possible to have either the 1mb or 2mb bios chip. How this makes a difference I don't know, but they say to be aware of it. Basically copy the awardflash utility from soyo website and the new bios.bin file and follow directions from soyo website. They describe it well enough. I usually save my oldbios's with the word old or bak in front of the original (eg. 2aa1, old2aa1) just so I might remember next month when I screw with things again.

As for xp, it should not matter what OS because you are doing it from a restart and there is no OS loaded, just your bootable floppy. Make sure your bios is allowing bios write. I believe there is an issue with the 4way protection, but I have not encountered it.

That is because you did not copy the system files to the disk. In a pure dos environment the operating system on the hd does not come into play. Make sure bios has the floppy booting first. Like the guy said......format a: /s
He's running XP, so the disc you need is the Dr. DOS 7x disc from bootdisc .com. That with the flash utility, and the BIOS file should do the trick. That disc should load, and get you to the A: prompt. Also, make sure your floppy is the first boot device in your BIOS settings.
Edit: Oops, I didn't see that you allready told him that Silver.
Have you tried different floppys? That's about all I can come up with now, maybe you have a bad floppy disc. With a DOS floppy, you ought to get to the A: prompt, even if nothing else works! Sorry I wasn't more help.
I figured it out! That Dr.dos file is an executable! Double click on it, and it will prompt you to insert a floppy disc. Then it writes the DOS files to the floppy. THen it will work as a bootdisc! I did the same thing you did on my first try just now, I just copied it to the floppy after I downloaded it. "Invalid system disc". Then I did it right, and it went straight to the A: prompt.
Well I just found out I can't make one. It said Format not supported. I guess if I want to do this I have to format with Fat huh?
Here is how to do it. Find 5 different computers with 5 different OS's. 95,98,98se,me and xp. Take 5 floppies and one on each machine do an advanced scandisc on the floppies. This will rule out a bad floppy. Then on each machine go to the dos prompt and type in at c:\format a: /s exactly like that. Put the floppy in and hit enter. Each of these machines will put their system files onto each floppy. All that you will get is what is called a command prompt. Basically a c:\

I have had some of the same problems you are experiencing due to ????? maybe bad floppies, but sometimes it seems that one OS may write a disc from like 95 and it can't be read from another 95 but maybe it can be read from 98. It is strange sometimes how two machines with the same OS will not write to floppies well enough to communicate, but then on a different OS they will work fine. I have 4 computers set up at home right now and sometimes a disc that worked great as a bootup disk for 98 will just not read and the machine will tell me that it is not a system disk. I put it into another 98 machine and it works fine.

It does not matter what your OS is. The floppy booting before Hdd (check your bios to see that your floppy is first boot device and make sure boot up floppy seek is enabled, this will check your floppy for proper operation) will load the system files into memory and bypass the hdd alltogether. If it does not start reading, you can always reboot and keep pressing the ESC key until you get a menu that asks which device you would like to boot from. Then choose floppy. If you get it to read the floppy and it does not find it as a system disk, try one of the other disks you have made on one of the other OS's. One of these should work. Once you find one that works, put the flash utility and the .bin file on it. When you get to c:\, type in the .exe name of the flashutility, whatever that is. Then just follow directions, and LIKE IT SAYS, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ONCE IT STARTS WRITING THE BIOS.

Other than this, I don't know what to tell you. These directions were taught to me by my dad, who has been working in the computer field as a programmer and system analyst since they basically began.

To give you an idea of how long that is, he was working on computers 15 years before the apple computers came out. They still used reel to reel for harddrives. The computers were like the size of refirigerators or something. And if you think that an AMD machine is loud with all the fans to keep them cool, you should have heard those babies. They used to print on some kind of wierd silver paper that actually burned the text in. I remember when my dad brought home the first apple pc. I remember when asteroids came out for pc's and pacman. We had a vic20 and a commodore 64. There was the texas intruments and the amiga's. Then there was the atari 520st. It had a mouse! And a desktop! When I was in high school I did not even have to take the computer class because I knew enough programming to do all the stuff they were showing us how to do ( pixel painting ). Then out came win3.1 and I started partying. In the last few years my head is back into them. My pops has divulged a lot of OLD TIME info that still pertains to the enhanced dos of windows9x, so TRUST ME, make the system disk with format a: /s.

Sorry I went on there. Later
Knack4it, you're correct, that is one of the 2 ways to make a bootable floppy for WIN9X, ME. And with those, it works very well. But XP is based on NT, so like NT, and 2000, it has no DOS. You can't make a DOS disc with these OS's, anymore than you could with Linux.
Klownin, did you get that message when you were loading the files to the floppy, or when you were trying to boot with it? I started another thread to see if anyone else had used this disc with XP to do a flash, and Unseen Menace posted that he had, and that it worked fine. Does your floppy read other discs?