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help with cooling fan on visiontak GF2 64mb agp

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Jun 10, 2001
does somebody know how to attach the cooling fan to the gf2....the chipset has a heatsink on it but no fan...and i bought a blue org for it...so could someone plz help me
Well before doing anything you have to take off the old Heatsink, to do this you could run a grapphic intensive program, to heat up the card (and glue), then get a flathead screwdriver, and just carefully POP off the heatsink. Once you do that, you must first lap the the Blue Orb heatsink, then you could either use the frag tape to attach the Blorb, or you could use Thermal Epoxy (Artic Silver). ANd then plug in the fan to the power supply using the 3 to 4 pin adapter, and have fun!
Zoppaman recently did just this and had to rejoin broken traces when he was prying the heatsink off. I don't recommend it, but I have heard that placing the card in a freezer bag and sticking it in the freezer for 30 minutes will cause that same goop to break down and it will pop right off.

Again, I don't recommend this or any video card mod this extreme (if you're card's performing this porly you need the mod, you may need another card), but if you insist, good luck!
i`m not sticking my GF2 in the freezer...where can i one of those graphic intensive program at?