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Help with cooling question's

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oc jason

Senior Member
Feb 12, 2001
Fayetteville, AR
Well my dad has 3-30 gallon tanks of n2. And i was wondering if i went to a watercooling setup if i could mix in say a liter of N2 to make the water really cold? What i also wana know is would N2 freeze the lines/pump/radiator. IF so than how is N2 applied? Also how long before it evaporates in the open air. If i run an inline pump from the tank to the water/n2 block on the cpu and then back into the tank will that work? Id like to use a couple gallons of just N2 but have never used water or n2 before-help needed on the applicatin please
LN2 will freeze the water nearly instantly. A science teacher I had put a rose in LN2 and then smacked it on the desk and the rose shattered like glass. It froze Terminator 2 in his tracks remember? I wouldn't even try it with water. BUT, if you can design an insulated system to pump the LN2 around and through some apparatus on the chip then it would be effective. You'll just have to refill the LN2 periodically. Might be impractical........but COOOOOOOLD.
You can't have N2 and water together as the water becomes exteemly hard to pump.

If you put N2 on your chip you will probably crack it due to the thermal shock, you have to pre cool it first. Use a liquid that will flow at very low temps and pre cool with saw Dry Ice.

The condensation problems will be horrendus, so you'll probably have to immerse the whole mobo into a liquid, say Flourinert.

It's been tried before with limited sucess, until N2 was put on the CPU. There have been a couple of articles on the web about it.
Water and NO2 do not mix. NO2 exist as liquid only when extremely cold, at temps around freezing point of water it exists as gas. Thus you cannot mix these two.
i believe you meant N2

because N02 dissolves quite nicely into water, i think.

and know you dont want to be toying with NO2 because even if it made your water really cold (for reasons i wouldnt know of) it wouldnt be worst the risk of breathing it in and dying