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Help with cooling

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Alan Sr

May 17, 2001
I have my 1.2 OC to 1.4 and normaly with my Hedgehog HSF with 38CFM, I idle at 28 and max load at 45.
but I live in a real small house and when my wife cooks or uses the dryer, my temps run up to 38 idle and 50 max.
I already mounted 2 extra 80mm fans on the side of the case "looks real cool" is there anything else I could do to lower these temps during peak house in my kitchen.

I also just got some flexible tube would it help my heatsink if I connected it to the tube and ran it out the computer.
or would it be better to connect it to one of my side case fans and basicly have to fans pushin air down.
what are your ambient temps when the wife is cooking or using the dryer. It sounds like your airflow isn't balanced terribly well, you have two 80s going in, but what is going out?
If your house is real hot then there is not much you can do. I would open up the case if you need lower temps bring it back down to 1.2 for the summer and then crank it back up at the first frost.