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help with fanless cooling of Pentium 133

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Jun 6, 2001
I'm hacking together a router from a junked Pentium 133 and would like to find a cheap, effective and cool looking heatsink. This will be running 24/7 under very minimal load in a lexan "box" with an open top and sides. (it's two 11"x16"x3/16" sheets bolted 4" apart from one another).

I've taken the power supply out of its case and pulled the fan... so the whole thing will be raw boards and a floppy with the heat rising through the top. I may have to screen the power supply with an rfi mesh, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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if i cant talk you into using something with a fan which i would like too then you can get a large heatsinkfan that is much bigger then what you need, then take off the fan and cut it down with a hack saw and file off the sharp edges you will need to make sure that the hold down clips will work before you start and you will end up with some custom cooling if your not worried about the CPU ever coming out of the motherboard you can use arctic silver glue to apply the heatsink and if you dont have AS then JB weld will work just fine.
The Zalman flower is a really good passive heatsink (albeit a mediocre active heatsink), and considering that your particular processor doesn't generate a lot of heat to begin with, it should be more than sufficient for cooling. It also looks really cool. The only issue I can think of is that the heatsink's contact area probably won't cover the whole procesor unless you pop off the processor's cap to get at the core. The only place you'll find Zalman flowers (outside of Korea :) ) is at Plycon
Id get the nastiest cheapest heatsink u can find.. why would u have a hs in system worth more than cpu...
Honestly, do they even need a heatsink... lol