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help with geil 3500 ram

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May 29, 2002
I have 512MB pc3500ddr cas2.5 ram. I have heard good things about this ram so I figured i'd be able to hit a good overclock with this. I am at a 170Mhz FSB on an abit kx7-333r. My cpu is n axp1600 agioa y at 1.8Ghz and my voltage settings are 1.85v core, 3.65v I/O Voltage, and 2.85v ram. My memory timmings are cas2.5, 2, 5, 2 and 2T. I can't seem to get my ram any higher though. If I lower my I/O voltage to 2.5(default) my system is unstable. I am not sure if its because my cpu is maxed out or if its the ram. Anyone have any ideas? I just think that ddr433 ram should be able to run at cas2 and 2,5,2,1T timmings at 340Mhz. I can't increase my voltages anymore.Also would burning in my ram help? If so how would I do that.
No offense, but where have you heard good things about that RAM? Everywhere I go, the majoral thought is that GeIL is slightly overclocked RAM that uses hand picked PC3200 chips.

The hyped RAM right now is Corsair XMS PC3200 (the CAS2 stuff), that stuff is endless. Definately you'll get waaaay more than 170fsb on 2.5 2-5-2.

Also, check your voltages though, see if you can get anywhere when lowering the ram voltage. But seriously, if you can get a refund, do so and use your money to pick up some Corsair XMS, that stuff will blow you away. An AGOIA Y 1600+ and an Abit KX7-333r are more than enough to clock higher than that, provided you have proper cooling.
well, you could see if it's the CPU or ram by unlocking your processor. Note that it could also be a PCI card.
cooling is fine for my cpu. I have a slk-800 with a 7400rpm fan. My max cpu temp is 42.5C. I was cheep and ordered it off buyaib.com and I don't think they do refunds. I also don't have any other ram to use so I can't ship it and wait for new ram cause I will be without a pc then. The good things I had heard were from a few reviews I checked out. If I lower the ram voltages my system becomes unstable so thats not an option. My computer only has a soundblaster live value, linksys 10/100 ethernet card, and my geforce 4. I am also running the latest official bios B6 for my board. Its just weird cause I saw several boards running this ram and mine was included and I figured it would do a lot better. I am planning on flashing to a modded bios B6 w/ 2.34 highpoint and also am going to try a burn in for my ram and hope that helps. Anyone recomend a specific way to burn the ram in?

Edit: Also could it be that my ram voltage is too low at 2.85v for this ram?
buyaib.com is your problem. Check their resellerratings. If it's even geil, you're lucky. Check the rating of buyaib at www.resellerratings.com. Consider yourself lucky that it works. Then consider yourself even luckier: you're the first person I've seen that's gotten ram from there to work at higher than 145fsb.
damn it...I'll try and remove the heatspreader and take a look at the ram and see what it really is
Actually, don't.... it probably is geil. At least if the heatspreader says geil on it, and not just on a sticker, it probably is. Geil has their name engraved into the heatspreader, and buyaib is just too lazy to fake that.
then why am I getting such horrible memory settings. It really doesn't make sense. I am only doing slightly better then my generic pc2700 ram. I only have 2.5,2,5,2,2T memory settings at 170Mhz FSB with a 2.85v mem. When I raise the FSB more The cpu benchmarks will crash but the mem tests are stable so I know that if I unlock the cpu then i could hit higher. I just would like to know why I can't make my memory timmings more agressive. Whats your opinion on the problem?
My opinion is that geil is like OCZ... it's overclocked ram that rarely reaches the advertized speeds.
Either that, or you're getting sticks that buyaib picked up cheap from them because they didn't work right.
In any case, you won't get your money back unless you charge back your credit card, and your memory runs at a speed that might actually be useful to some overclockers. My advice? I'd sell the ram to someone who can use it, and then go buy a good brand, like corsair, from a reputable website.
Everything I've read on it says it's highly OC'ed already and usually takes at least 2.8-3v to get stable.
Yeah, geil just sucks. Don't read reviews on 5 different websites to see how good it is, check the forums. Websites get their stuff for free from the manufacturer. And the manufacturer usually sends them hand-picked parts. You need to get the info straigh from the real customers.

i agree with you about Geil
i got some from newegg and it did not work rite from =the start
blue screens dll errors all kinds of freezes
i sent it back the same day
i got some OCZ rev3.2 and it rocks
You're lucky. OCZ has the same kind of problems as geil. Check out the resellerrating of their website if you don't believe me.
well I am going to try and sell the ram and get myself some pc3200 ram from a better site. I'm still kinda upset about this but I can't do anything right now. I originally ordered 3 chips, each 256MB and one of the chips was bad so I am currently in an RMA for it so I am waiting for it to be returned. I am trying to find buyers right now and sell for close to what I paid and just get 512MB pc3200 cas2 ram from corsair or someone well known. Thanks for all the help.
Caffinehog said:
You're lucky. OCZ has the same kind of problems as geil. Check out the resellerrating of their website if you don't believe me.

I have read all the bad press about OCZ
I got mine from newegg
this is my first time with OCZ
i read some great reviews on the rev 3.2
also my tech site got some to review
so i went with it
after the luck[all bad]
i had with Corsair XMS and Geil
OCZ could not be worse
But so far it runs like a champ

My Rig