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help with K8U-X trying to install winXP onto SSD

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May 6, 2008
I am working on my dads old computer. His HDD finally died so I decided to use a 120GB samsung 830 I had laying around. I can not see the HDD in bios, sorta.

When booting the computer up there is an option to set up raid. I hit f6 and I can see the SSD drive. of course I have nothing to raid it with, but I can see it.

When I enter normal bios (del key) I can find the SATA Controller enable/disable option. It is enabled.

I can only see IDE primary/secondary master/slave.

Help would be great. I am trying to fix this tonight.
Option one: set the SSD, in the BIOS, to run in IDE mode
Option two: when starting the XP install, pre-load the AHCI driver
No SATA option to set ACHI or IDE mode. Only option is enable/disable

xp only lets me install drivers via the A: (floppy drive) I don't have a floppy drive......

update. I can see the SSD 830 as a boot option. But windows xp install will not see it.

I agree I need to find a way to set sata to ide mode.

The main bios screen only shows master/slave of IDE channels. It is as if the motherboard knows and see's SATA devices, but the mobo will not enable SATA correctly
I would nLite the SATA drivers into the XP image before running IDE, personally.
I found a nice 7200RPM ide hard drive. That will have to do for now.

Thank you very much for helping. I am afraid that is the answer I needed and unfortuantly I just don't have the time to work through that solution at the moment. If/when I have time to make a new CD-rom with drivers slipped in.

I found a nice WD 7200RPM ide hard drive. That will have to do for now.

Is it possible to install xp on older IDE drive. Boot to windows. Install drivers via CD. Then install XP on SSD through windows...... Or am I dreaming and mixing hardware issues with software fixes.

Again, thank you for fast reply and solution.

bonus information. When I tell comp to boot from SSD it tries to boot the windows 7 that was installed on it before hand. So mobo does see it.
Here's a little something to help you out. ;)


  • AHCI F6 XP drivers.zip
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