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Help with kx7-333R, AXP1600 and geil 3500 ram

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May 29, 2002
I need help on why this is happening. I can currently get my cpu up to 1.82Ghz stable but then I have this weird problem. Randomly my screen will go blank and if I click or type anything I hear a windows error sound but if I am playing music or something it will keep playing. I also am unable to get faster memory timmings then 2.5, 2, 5, 2, 2T. My voltages are at 1.85v cpu, 3.65 I/O voltage, 2.85v mem. My hardware is an Athlon XP 1600+ Agoia y running at 1.8Ghz and at fast cpu decode with a thermalright slk-800 and a 7400rpm fan. Full load temps are 42.5C. I have an ABIT KX7-333r board with the latest bios B6 now moded with the 2.34 highpoint bios (had the same problem before flashing from official B6 to patched B6). I have 512MB pc3500 cas2.5 ram. It comes with heat spreaders. At a 172Mhz FSB I can run benchmarks no problem but I get this random crash. at 170Mhz its completly stable as long as my I/O voltage is at 3.65 instead of 3.5(default). I have never had to increase my I/O voltage to achieve stability before. I have an ABIT Geforce 4 ti 4200 OTES 64MB @ 285/300. a soundblaster live value and a linksys 10/100 network card. I also have a 400 watt powersupply. Its not AMD certified but is Intel certified so it can't be too horrible. My case temps are between 24 and 27C depending on room temperature. This also doesn't affect the crashes at all. I ran memtest86 v3.0 and found no errors with the ram. I had 768MB total and found an error with my 3rd chip so that is currently being RMAed. Could someone please give me some advice as to whats wrong?
Are you running motherboard monitor? On my KX7-333R I was getting low 5V readings under full load (down to 4.6v). I added booster wires going from a 4-pin molex connector to the mosfets on the mobo and it brought my 5v up to 4.8 under full load. I can post a pic if necessary.

Other than that I suggest you unlock it and see if you can run a higher fsb with a lower multiplier, maybe you are just at the limit of the cpu.
I do runt he hardware monitor but haven't really looked at my 5v reading to much. I'm at work right now and can post when I get back the actual voltages. I think the lowest I have seen it hit was 4.78 but not since I upped the FSB anymore. If it is low then I would like to see that pic. Also any idea why I can't run 170Mhz FSB at cas2 with 2,5,2,2T memory timmings? Its pc3500ram and though it is cas2.5 I figured that it should be able to hit cas2 at that speed.