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Help with KX7-333R!

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New Member
Oct 27, 2002
Ok on to my problem. I just got my KX7333 Raid and a athlon 2400+. When i boot computer, it says "Unknown CPU" and its very unstable in BIOS. Another thing is that i have problems installing windows on it, lockups etc blocks me from getting windows installed. Can i flash my bios already here with booting from floppy? If i flash it, will everything be good so i can install an OS without probs?

Thx for help m8s :)
Do you have access to the back of the board? There are two labels there with bar codes, bottom right corner of one is the revision number - r1.0 will have problems.

Also when you boot what bios version is flashed on the sreen?
If your attempting to flash the board to a more recent BIOS I would suggest you using a CPU that is currently supported by the Board & BIOS. Another thing to check, as Robin Hood mentioned, would be your board revision seeing as Abit offers to fix/modify older KX7333/R to have proper support for the ThoroughBred line of CPUs be it the A or B core.
Hi, I think i might have the same problem, but with my cooling setup it is a PITA to take out the MB. Is there any other way to tell if you have a revision 1? Thank you so much for the help, I really don't want to have to send my new xp 2100 tbred b back, or spend the funds on upgrading my MB(first thing I would do).

Also, when I do install the cpu, it does not even post, or bios beep at all. Would this mean that it is in fact a dead cpu or could it still be the MB?