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Help with LCD

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New Member
Oct 13, 2002
I was thinking about installing a colour LCD screen off of the s-video on my card... the unit im looking at has absolutly no software or info on how it works. Im wondering if anyone knows how a unit like this would work. I want to use it as a 2nd screen, and maby use some kind of program to display temps, frame rates, or whatever. Im wondering what kind of program i should use to do this if its even possible. Do i need a 2nd vid card to pull this off??



Senior Member
Jul 28, 2002
Boise Idaho
does your lcd have svideo in? if not you'll need a converter box which you could probably get at radioshack. if the card supports dual monitors they usually support one of the video outs as a second monitior. in this case you wouldn't need any drivers but you'd be limited to 640x480 or 800x600. the other option would be a second vid. card i have heard however that dual vid. cards can be a pain to set up. good luck!!

Captain Slug

Helpful Senior Member
May 23, 2001
Asteroid B-612
If the screen already has the RCA input jack the setup should be fairly simple. You have a couple options for setting this up.

1. primary video card dual-output
Video card (Composite output) ------> LCD screen

This won't require any extra hardware and should be fairly simple to setup with the driver settings. The resolution will probably need to be set LOWER than 640x480 because the native resolution of NTSC is 352 x 240.

2. secondary video card without TV-out
Video Card (Analog RGB) -----> Scan Convertor ----->LCD screen

A scan convertor resamples (in realtime) and reformats an RGB signal into NTSC. But they're price, starting at $73. This setup is preferable in the sense that scan convertors do not require software interaction.