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Help with Loitech Momo Racing wheel

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Oct 9, 2003
For PC.

I can't seem to get the Force Feedback to work. I lost the power pack so I went to Radio Shack to get a new one.

The sticker on the wheel says

5Vdc --- 100mA
24Vdc --- 750mA

Does that strike anyone else as odd??

So I go to Radio Shack. No 5v but they had a 4.5v AC to DC Adapter. Rated at 700mA. Should this work?

Because it doesn't. Everything else about the wheel works, I can get it to reconfigure keys etc. just no FF.

This is all in GTR 2.

So what gives?
I have the PS for it in front of me. It's 24VDC .75A, + on inside, - on outside.

Methinks the 5VDC is the USB power requirements from your PC.

And I had the power strip off on mine once, you get no force feedback without power to the motor in the wheel.
Its the round plug end on the PS. + on the inside connector, - on the outside part. It's standard I'm sure tho across 99.9% of the connectors. You'll have to worry about the size of the connector tho, might have to get an adaptor kit. Take the wheel to RS to be sure.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah I was hoping Radioshack would sell once since they use those universal ends and I already have the correct tip.

They sell a 30v 1000mA, would that work?
Only other option is a 24v 600mah

Which would be better?
Niether is perfect. But the 600mah is okay IF your not prone to max FF settings. The 30vdc could overvolt the Momo and cause early failures. The 600mah at max FF where the FF motor is maxxed could smoke the PS and cause a voltage drop inside the Momo. Is RS your only option? We have a place (Las Vegas, 2 mil peeps) thats a industrial electronics store, well at least 2 I know of, prolly more. They have ohh 15 or so diff ones on the wall in stock. RS sucks for their options now.
Get the 1000. The amp rating is the max amount of amps it can push. The 600 one won't be able to give full power the motor is asking for, causing it to be weaker. The 1000 just means the power supply can give 1000 amps at 24v, the motor on your wheel shouldn't ask for more than 700 (it's possible it could ask for more if the limiter was on the power supply unit before and not the motor but I don't think that's likely).
Yea, like a PS for your computer, you can't short-change the amps. It will overheat, drop below the rated voltage etc. It will only deliver what is required, and 1000ma (1 amp) gives you a 250ma buffer. At standstill the Momo prolly uses less than 100ma.