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Help with memory choice

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Apr 1, 2003
System: A7n8x dlx.
Barton 2500 @ 12.5 x 192
Samsung pc2700ddr<---this is what im looking to replace
stepping: 5,2,2,2,2.5
AIW9700 385gpu/351memory (heat syncs on mem chips)
1.85 vcc.
1004 bios
2.7v memory
Water cooled cpu & gpu. Fan mounted on NB heat sync and custom fan (cut and ground from an old TNT card) on South B.
NB voltage was set to 1.9 in uber 1003, but hasnt made a difference since 1004 upgrade.
Ok, looking to go to pc3200 and change timings to get 200 fsb. 12x200 or higher if capable :rolleyes: 12.5x200 maybe?:D

What memory will do the job? Ive had nothing but good with samsung. not great, had 1 or 2 let go after a year, but all around ok.

Ive seen giel, Corsair,winbonb,mushkin,samsung,Enet ,OCz,Komusa,AIB and a few other nonames

Im leaning towards the corsair, but ive heard about needing to read som faq to set it up, which tells me it might not be the right choice.? Anyone?


Oct 19, 2001
brighton uk
got my board this week and its rev. 2. Went straight to 200fsb with twinmos/winbond and there has been no problem so far. This memory is a good price in the UK as well