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SOLVED HELP with my new LE!!!

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i just got an LE, and i have run into some overclocking proplems. i'm using the stock cooling, but i am planning to add a fan on the GPU sink in the near future. here's what i did:

1)i installed the latest 32MB DDR drivers on the ati site

2)i used all the reccommended settings in the radeon tweaker

3)i slowly bumped my CPU/mem speed upto about 200 using radeontweaker, testing for artifacts using the artifact tester after every bump. i reached like just over 200.

4)i slowly backed off the CPU/mem speed until i could run the artifact tester with no VISUAL artifacts multiple times. i got down to 193, so i set my card at 190.

5)i ran 3dmark 2001, and it ran beautifull until i got to the point sprites... the image of the horse was heavily distorted, and then it crashed.

6) i rebooted, and ran 3dmark again, but it crashed here:
(begining of car chase, low detail)

7)i underclocked to 120, and it rtan fine.

8)i bumped it upto to 150, and it crashed again.

9) i reinstalled directx 8 and 3dmark, didn't make any diff.

10) getting peed off, i ran the 3dmark demo at 190, and i had some minor artifacting in certain scenes, but there was no video corruption. it crashed straight after the matrix scene (that's the last one, right?)

what do you recommend i do? i didn't screw anything up, did i? the tests seem to run very well the first time i ran 3dmark. what is the default CPU/mem speed for the LE again?
I had the same problem when 3dmark2001 was set to sompressed textures i set it to 32bit and all is well...(at the matrix part as well)

is your system oc'd?
did you have the problem before the new drivers?
have you tryed setting the tweaker to default?

definetly try the the fix i said at the begining...hope it works for you :)
thanks. i'll try that today. i'll keep you posted

my system is overclocked, but i never had problems with 3dmark b4. it's winter here in australia, so that's an added reassurance. my CPu temp is peaking at 43C under 100% load at the moment.

how do i set the tweaker to default?