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Help with New setup...please

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New Member
Jan 13, 2001
First of all thanks for reading this...

Here is my problem. I just installed a K7T Pro2-A MB and an Athlon 1200Mhz. and now I cant install any operating system.

I have tried Win98SE, WinMe and 2000 and can't get any to install. During the install the install quits and gives various errors mostley saying Im out of memory. Im assuming its talking about the 640k.

All installs are from the corresponding bootdisks of the operating systems.

Example....I can use the boot disk of WinME...choose install with cd Rom support and that works fine. I can even read the directory off the cd at this point. BUT if I type "setup" it crashes as it starts to access the floppy to copy files for windows install.

My sys specs Just MB (K7t Pro2-A) Athlon 1200, Pc 133 256MB Ram, Maxtor 10Gig HD and Geforce Pro. Thats it until I get through this problem.

This is my first AMD sys and think I am missing something basic....mabey in BIOS?. Its just to low level of a problem.

Thank you,
Make sure you are using the drive letter of the CD drive when you type "setup". I don't remember mine ever going to the floppy drive after typing setup. I done this way to many times. It should fire up your CD drive, do a scandisk check, and then right to the Hard Drive. After you get the first screen and hit ok the floppy will fire up for a second and then start installing files to the hard drive. At least it always has on mine. WIN95,WIN98,WINME.