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Help with new WC rig

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Jan 10, 2009
Hi all,

Been water cooling my rigs for over 6 years now. But lately ive been lazy in maintaining my loop there are concerns of maybe a small algae spot on my reservoir which has a greenish tint to it. Or could be oxidation from the rad...Anyway ive read so many problems with nickel plated blocks and i now lean towards full copper blocks reason for this is enough people who use distilled water plus PT-Nuke with full coper blocks seem to have the least amount of problems heck a guy (martinlabs) had a full copper block running for 2 years with only distilled and PT-Nuke and they look brand new after 2 years!!

I read that if you have algae its really hard to remove from the radiator even when you cleaned it properly...there might be left overs and start growing back so im thinking buying a new rad altogether with new blocks or is there a way to remove and kill any algae inside my rad 100% that is safe for the copper inside the rad?

I will not use a silver kill coil as i had the pleasure of using nickel blocks turning crap over time.

So if i go full copper blocks for my cpu and possible for gpu and taken all precautions ie cleaning/flushing the rad extensively before use what to use as coolant can i use:

Distilled water + PT-Nuke will this be enough for anti algae and also corrosion blocker (corrosion can not be stopped but atleast slown down) is this combo sufficient enough for this task? In the description from PT-Nuke it does say something about corrosion protection...?
But thats with PT-Nuke PHN, the clear one.

Whats the blue one used for in which loops? ie PT Nuke Concentrated Biocide with copper sulfate is this better for all copper loops?

Which one to use in a copper blocks build?
PT-Nuke CLEAR one OR PT-Nuke BLUE one?

What is your take in using distilled and Feser Base Corrosion Blocker with copper blocks is this recommended it has anti corrosion as well as anti algae....

Lastly in my country its a bit hard to get real distilled water (The Netherlands) since most sell as distilled water but then you read on the back side of the bottle/can Demineralized water....there are place where i can order real distilled water but then we have shipping costs and it all adds up making it expensive and the risk of getting demineralized water...

So planning to buy Alphacool Ultra Pure Water 5 liter for 22 eur it says: "Cleaned with 5 special filters (one of which is a special reverse osmosis filter)" i know its perhaps snake oil but with all the investment made i cant skimp on coolant besides going to order this and all my wc gear at Aquatunning.nl so no seperate order from another vendor for just water...

Thanks in adavnce
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PHN Nuke

Distilled or in the EU de-ionized. Use the water for a humidity adder for baby stuff machines. Don't pay for silly special water.

Demineralized water, good enuff, it is cleaned water.

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Thanks guys for the replies,

Going to check the stickies for information about rad cleaning and coolant if i have further questions il post them here.