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Help with Overclocking I7 5960x cache

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New Member
Jul 24, 2016
Hi all...hope someone can help me........

Here are my specs:

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
Motherboard: MSI X99S Gaming 9 ACK
Processor: I7-5960x [email protected] Liquid Cooled (NZXT Kraken X61)
Memory: HyperX Predator 32GB DDR4 3000 RAM CL15 (XMP)
Graphics: (2) EVGA GTX 980 (Super Clocked) ACX 2.0 (SLI) (Custom Bios: Memory 1900mhz/Boost:1481mhz)
Storage: (3) Western Digital 1 TB WD RE SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache (Raid-5)
Power supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 T2 80+ TITANIUM, 1000W ECO Mode Fully Modular
Display: Acer G276HL 27" Full HD
Computer Tower: Corsair Graphite Series 760T Full Tower Windowed Case - Black

I have the latest MSI Bios 2.80

My system runs real stable at 4.5ghz..1.30v

But for the life of me I can't overclock the cache........

I tried to adjust the cache ring voltage to 1.20v...and the cache ratio...to 4.3ghz

But the system will not boot...I am not sure what else to do

any suggestions?
4.3GHz cache on Haswell-e is very high, and more likely in the 1.3v+ if doable.

Given it has the extra pins sockect (which I would guess, but could not confirm, being a high end board.

You should try 4GHz/1.2v.

FYI, the setup in sig does 4.3GHz/1.3v. Needs 1.35v for 4.4GHz, and doesn't boot over 4.45GHz, no matter the voltage. And it is a much above average clocker.

Tried 1.20v and 4.2ghz...no good

System will not boot...get Debug Code 95 PCI bus Initialization
Try 4GHz/1.25v.

If it boots, check for stability. If stable add a 100MHz to the cache until it's not stable anymore.
4.2GHz cache with 1.2v is well above expectations.

My golden CPU does 4.2GHz/1.25v and need 0.05 increment per 100MHz up to 4.4, which is the higher it will go.
That did not work same problem

Tried 1.20v 3.75ghz...........still will not boot and still get the Debug Code 95

Looks like it just will not work with this motherboard......
I'm not sure if this board has OC Socket and I can't find any info on MSI site. There are also no photos of the socket in popular reviews. If it doesn't have OC Socket then max cache clock will be about 3500-3700MHz.