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help with P4 2.53 o\c

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Dec 6, 2003
Baltimore, MD
my setup is
Abit IC7 mobo
512 ddr333 pc2100 (i know its holding me back, pc-4000 is on its way)
intel P4 2.53 GHZ 133x19

i can get it prime stable at 155 fsb and 1.550 vcore but i know this chip has to have more in it. the mem timings and the game accellerator settings are all whatever they were stock because they havent been messed with. i need to know what would work good for DRAM ratios, AGP ratios, mem timings, voltage, and game accellerator settings because im deadlocked right now and dont know where to go with it. any help is appreciated

EDIT: btw i am really just wondering what i can do with the pc-2100 for now and if possible how to overclock it until my new memory comes


Senior @ss
Sep 23, 2001
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I think you answered your own question. You could try lowering your memory dividers to like, 3/2 or something. I really don't think you'll see huge gains until your PC4000 gets in that system, though.


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
If you use the 5:4 memory ratio, you'll be able to go up to 166 FSB and still have your PC2100 in spec. Your signature says PC2700, which do you have? If it's DDR333, then it's PC2700. If it's PC2700, then 1:1 will be ok up to 166 FSB. PC4000 RAM will be overkill unless you get one of the 800 bus CPUs.

Fix the PCI/AGP setting to 33/66.

Disable the last two GAT settings.

Only raise the vcore if you are unstable.

Use the SPD memory timings until you find the limits of your CPU and mobo. Then try lowering the timings one notch at a time until you find the sweet spot.