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Help with raid0 please

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Nov 8, 2001
OK I have a asus a7v133
I switched the pins on the mobo like it said
When i go into the raid setup thing its only showing one drive...
Ive checked the connections on the drives and everything the pins on the drive are in the same place......
So i said ok so i went ahead and created the array with one drive which is making little since right now..
So im just running one drive its says its array yet its just that 1 drive
I benchmarked in sandra results as any other ata100 drive
Size is still 20gb
both are the same drives maxtor ata133 20gb each
I d/l the asus raid controller for xp that sort of confused me under the xp disc manager is showed the other drive (this was while i had the array on the bios created) so i formatted it in ntfs went back into the raid bios thing
still only showed 1 drive (I deleted the array the reloaded it still just 1 drive) so i didn't make a array and just booted from the drive.. and the 2nd drive was gone of course
im not quite sure what im overlooking here
any help is appreciated
thanks in advance
when using raid 0 you want one ide cable for each drive to each controller to gain full performance of raid 0
and, screw with your jumpers

check your raid config make sure you in fact have raid0 and not other

when you striped them did they both show? did you set boot

and when you stripe to 0 with two drives you will only get a c drive from within windows - that is in fact your two raided drives (1 stripe) 1 stripe will show throughout windows as 1 array

your raid config should show 2, and any raid gui utility