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SOLVED Help with Soundblaster Live 5.1

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Ok i just bought this card and i need some help

I have 2 speakers that sit on the floor hooked up to my sony amp. One is to the left and the other is to the right of me but not in front of me i.e next to the monitor. My question is where do i plug in the cord to the speakers. There are so many colors located on the back of the card im not quite sure which one is the right one. I have a feeling it is the black one but im not sure. Also if i were to get 2 more speakers and say put them beside the monitor would it go in the green hole on the sound card ? Also how do you achieve 5.1??? Do you have to own a dolby 5.1 AMP&receiver? Another question i have is that my floor speakers are big! They are 3-way technics speakers and they have 1 10inch sub and then it goes i think 4inch then 2inch on both sides of me. I need some good advice on how to hook this thing up .
please try to answer all my questions
Well firstly, the directions with the card should indicate the inputs/outputs. On mine, which is NOT a 5.1 card, the speaker out is second from the left (dunno what color, sorry).

As for the speaker setup, powering those speakers from the card will not work, the card is designed only to send a strong enough signal to a receiver or self-powered PC speakers.

You need a 5.1 speaker setup to achieve true 5.1 dolby surround, but can get surround from 4 speakers just fine. Again, they have to be self powering.

The 5.1 decoding occurs on the card, so an extra decoder/receiver with 5.1 is not necessary, but the correct speaker setup for proper sound imaging is required (center channel, subwoofer, and 4 satellite).
The speaker setup i have currently works perfectly with my AWE64 isa card. Plenty of power going to my soundcard.
I dont know what you are talking about, i dont think you know how my speakers are setup exactly. My 2 floor speakers go into my AMP then it comes out through video then into a adapter which goes into my sound card. I can crank this thing up and put out more wattage then all the Computer speakers sold at COMP USA OR BEST BUY .
Me (Jul 16, 2001 11:44 a.m.):
I dont know what you are talking about, i dont think you know how my speakers are setup exactly.

Sorry, I was trying to help and part of that is covering all the bases. :)

Since you have self-powered or amplified speakers then none of that portion of my post applies.

I think I answered the rest of your questions though.