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Help with system

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Aug 18, 2017
Hell guys! First Post. About 3 months ago I purchased the following sytem and assembled it.
1.Asus x99 Deluxe II
2.Intel I-7 6800k
Corsair vengeance LED 3200mhz c16 Ram 2x16gb

System worked fine but ended up damaging cpu socket when adding my liquid cooler kit.
I bought an MSI Gaming Pro Carbon And all was well working fine.
When I got my x99 back I swapped it back into computer to replace the MSI pro gaming board.
When booting I got 1 long beep 2 short beeps continuous and the 53 Q-Code. Will not boot. No screen no bios no nothing.
I tried everything conceivable to fix memory problem which was code 53.
I tried 1 dim at a time in each slot. Nothing.
I pressed memok button it was solid then blinking slowly. Nothing.
I cleard CMOS and disconnected power to psu overnight.
I Replaced the board for brand new x99 Deluxe ii and same exact problems. Beeps and Q-Code 53
I purchased asus rog strix x99 board and again nothing. Code 53.
I am beyond baffled here guys. Some questions.....
Can I boot with 1 dimm? If so does it matter what slot?
Do I need 2 or 4 dims in any special arrangement?
Do I need A harddrive plugged in in order to test if the 53 issue persists?
Can I test if the problem persists without Graphics Card Plugged in?
Can I test if problem persists without a CPU?
When I take the cpu out I just get 00 no beeps no leds nothing. Does that mean the problem IS NOT the CPU or could it still potentially for some reason be the CPU?
I assume it absoloutly must be RAM or CPU. Or at least I presume its one of those 2.
Q-Code 53 says its incompoatible memory but the memory worked fine when I first gopt my first Deluxe II and also I still get 53 incompatible memory when I try to test withoput any dimms installed.
Are there any potential issues that would cause it to appear that its a memory issue when in fact something else is causing the 53 memory issue?
Could it possibly be the CPU even though I get code 00 with it out?
Could it be a memory issue considering the DRAM led is not on?
Could a failed CPU cause the board to not recognize memory and throw code 53?
I'm really stumped guys and now I have 3 freakin expensive motherboards when I only need 1 I wasted so much money its not even funny.
What are the chances its the cpu, dram, gpu, motherboard, Storage Device, or PSU?
I'm really starting to think it must absoloutly be the CPU but that said why code 53 and why does the CPU led be unlit?
During post the CPU led then the DRAM led, then the GPU led light once quickly each as if its passing some sort of tests.
Someone please help me before I chuck $4000 Dollars worth of computer parts from a 4th story window.
Thank You!
Moved to general hardware from the welcome thread... also deleted 2 other duplicate threads and a post in an old thread. One thread per issue in the proper section please! Do not shotgun your issue multiple times. :)

You can boot with 1/2 dimms...slot(s) matters. Check the manual for which one(s).

No hdd needed.

You would need a gpu to put a pic on the screen..

Need a cpu clearly.

Its possible its the cpu, sure. You mention you damaged a slot with your cooler, but think what is between the cooler and socket. Are the pads on the cpu damaged? Is the cpu bent in any way?
CPU I'm thinking. But do check the manual for memory slot priority.
Unfortunately Code 53 can be the caused by the RAM, CPU, or motherboard. Failure of any of those can cause memory to not be detected.

You say you damaged the CPU socket when installing the water cooler. I assume some bent pins? If so, I assume you only found the problem after booting up so it is possible a short could have taken out the motherboard and damaged the CPU or memory.

Also, have you tried testing outside of the case? That would eliminate the possibility of a motherboard short to the case being the cause.

Unfortunately often the only way to troubleshoot issues like this is by replacing parts. You've already tried multiple motherboards, so now the CPU and RAM would be next. Is there a local computer shop you could go to where they could test your CPU and RAM?