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Help with unlocking AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE cores

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First, the motherboard must have the ability to unlock cores. Not all do. On the manufacturer's website for that motherboard I see no indication your motherboard has that ability. It is not mentioned. But if it does, that feature would be in bios. It might be in the OC Tweaker section or in the Advanced section and would be termed something like "Core Unlocking" or "Core Control." You can't do it from Windows. I tried downloading the user manual for your motherboard but it doesn't have a section dealing with the bios features.
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Gig boards are a little different.
ACC under the M.I.T. tab is the unlocker. Enable ACC and select Hybrid under EC firmware, save and re-boot. If you have unlockable cores they show up then.
Apparently it does have the ability to unlock cores. Johan, where did you get that manual. Manuals library? Is that free?

Anyway, zoran, the feature to enable core unlocking is called Advanced Clock Calibration or ACC. You must have it enabled.

Please realize that not all CPUs with disabled cores will have viable cores to unlock. If they are too far out of spec it just won't work. Or maybe one out of two will unlock successfully but the other core will not.


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So should I try to unlock it ?? I am afraid to screw something up on my pc :)
Nothing to screw up. If it doesn't work you set it back to normal, or clear the CMOS.
and if you think that I should do that do I need to upgrade my bios version f2 to version f3 or f4b ??
Thanks for the input Scotty. Yes Trents I look there first. Much easier than downloading all the manuals
Advice ? Someone

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do I need to upgrade my bios version f2 to version f3 or f4b ??
???? Did you try to unlock the cores and it failed is that why your asking about BIOS
Ok I enabled ACC and I put firmware to hybrid then windows restarded and in the boot shows quad core but can't get to windows loading because system shut down itself. All the time soo I back all to normal and disable acc again :(
You might need to up the voltage for a quad core CPU. I would set everything to defaults then try with some extra voltage
He's using F2c but his board is 770T not 770TA like yours
You can try setting the vcore to 1.4v while unlocked. If it won't boot to windows you have a bad core or cores. Luck of the draw.