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Help! Won't boot

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Nov 29, 2003
I put my system together and it will not boot up. When I turn on the power supply, a green light comes on the mobo (lower right-hand corner). As soon as I turn on the case to boot the system up, the light turns red, and no beeps, will not boot, no video, nothing, just the power lights are on and I have 6 fan lights that are all working, but system doesn't enter any bios, nothing at all on the monitor.
I changed out memory, no difference.
I changed video cards (agp and pci), no difference.
I unplugged the cd-rom and hard drive, no difference.
I checked and reseated all the connections except I haven't reseated the cpu, heatsink yet.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? What about the light on the mobo turning red, should that stay green?

Thanks for any help, it's driving me crazy!

Abit IC7 mobo
1GB Corsair (2 sticks)
P4 3.0ghz, 800fsb
9600 ATI Radeon
80GB Maxtor HD
510 watt psu


Nov 29, 2003
Well, I finally got my system to boot. After reseating everything but the cpu, I finally took the heatsink fan off, reseated the cpu, cleaned the heatsink and now it works, no problems.

After reading these boards, that was pretty much the consensus. These boards are great!!!