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Jan 2, 2003
Nebraska USA
My brother flased his bios now hit abit wont boot up.

its a NF7-S v2.0 with a XP2600 and 512 ram he said he flashed it with the program the board came with. How can I help him getting it working agian ? Did he mess up his bios chip ? If so how much are they too replace... ?

He did have it overclocked before the falsh but it passed prime95 before so it was stable....

I tried a simple clearing the bios but that didnt work. It wont even boot to the beep....


Senior Air Extraordinaire
Apr 9, 2004
clear the cmos then take out the battery for a minute or two. Then turn on and off the power to discharge anything left in your system..... if that doesn't help then perhaps you've currupted the bios chip...... if you've killed the chip you'll need to purchase another chip..... I don't know the cost but you won't have to pay for another motherboard...... good luck.