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Apr 23, 2001
I have a Creative Labs Riva TNT 16MB vid card. If I got a geforce 2 MX how much of a boost would that give me??? How much if i got a geforce 2 GTS??? Thanks
Performance wise you would see a big increase since the g2 mx is one of the best cards out there(by my opinion). Price wise abot $90usd, well it nis right now on ebay. Opinions and halp would be good from actual g2 owners
Quite a bit with the gts.
You have a fast cpu so you could make use of such a card.
Maybe go to www.madonion.com and get 3d mark 2000 or 2001 if you have dx8, 2000 if you do not.
And then you can compare the difference between the different cards vs what you have now on a similar system.
I went from an Asus TNT card to an Asus GF2MX card, and it was like, Wow! I could run my games in 1024x768x32, and still get decent framerates! Everything looked beautiful!

It's the biggest visible difference I've ever made in my computer system.

I might have been able to get a more expensive card at the time, but this was such a difference that I was very happy for the relatively small cash outlay.

Do it.
a jump from a TNT 1 card to a GeForce 2 MX is a huge jump... you'll really notice the performance difference, depending on the CPU speed and type. I love my MX, it was a huge step up from the 32 MB Savage4 card I came from. I highly recommend the MX - it's a versatile card. Does pretty much everything well.