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Hepl! Make my Abit KG7 stable after replacing processor

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Oct 2, 2002
Hawaii / USA
This is what I had before and the system is 100% stable.
I was using a tbird 1.4 10X140, vcore 1.575, ram timing at turbo, CAS 2, and the rest in the bios setting are default, everything was fine until I change to a unlock XP1600 (unlock).

I am getting BSOD, lock up with high pitch noise coming from the speaker, boot back to the desktop most of the time during 3D application, 3Dmark, MOHAA, and a couple time in internet explorer and email, I am getting radom problem sometimes 5 min after games and sometimes after couple hours of gaming, running 3Dmark in loop overnight ~8 hrs always get the blue screen, only 1 time it went thru 10hrs without error.

Things that I did during replacing the processor, ASII the northbridge HS, replace my ATI 8500 HSF with blueORB(fan power from MB header), add ram sink (radioshack) on the vcard BGA memory, cut an extra 80mm hole on my Lian-Li casing, below the stock exhaust fan, clean install XP pro SP1.

I already try using MrIcee bios setting, up vcore to 1.8 and 1.85, processor at all different speed(12.5X133 12.5X140 10X140 10X150) replace the 2 stick crucial 2100 with new one, run my rig straight to the 110 outlet without the UPS, and my system temp is 34C and cpu idle 36C( using WPCREDIT colling) under load 45C using TOAST, I can run sysoft sandra burn in test overnight over 100 time without error, voltage in via monitor looks good except 12v was reading 12.01 during idle and 12.24 under load, seems like problem is with 3D application.

Thanks for reading the long post, I have running out of idea on how to make my rig stable, please help. Mahalo.
have you tried running one stick of ram in slot 4?

cause i think you're supposed to install ram starting from slot 4 to slot 1 on the kg7, not 4 and 2.
Forget to update my sig, I have 2 pc2100 on slot 4 and 3, and XP1600 11X152, I just up my vcore to max, 1.85 and ran 3dmark in loop, it ran about 15 time (330 test) and never lock up yet, but why it need so much vcore, my 1.4 tbird only need 1.575. Will run it overnight to see if I still have the same lock up.
It might be your RAM, PC2100 was meant to work at 133mhz, you're running it at 152. So either lowering the timings or upping the multi, you have no other way of overclocking.
What is the stepping of your CPU what is written on the second line what's is the letter/number the third line (the last 1, b4 the 1999 AMD mark)?
If you got a bad stepping that might also be why you can't OC as high as you can see other people here getting, most AGOIA and AROIA steppings can reach 1800mhz on air, some even achieve 2ghz on watercooling.
What are your temps, and what is your cooler?
It is AGOIA F 0212.
I am at 11X152 and it just crash (FREEZE) is games, medal of honor. Right now I have 2 stick new crucial pc2100 is slot 4 and 3, also I had borrow 2 stick of new crucial PC 2700, will try it out tonight.