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Hercules/Guillemot (RMA)

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Jun 24, 2001
in the garage
A few weeks ago in a failed peltier experiment, I bumped a little piece off my Hercules Prophet III, and it got about 10 bright pink lines running down the screen! :(

I wanted to RMA it, but I had replaced the thermal pads with arctic silver adhesive! Doh! But after a long process involving the Kyro 2 which I've been running on, I decided to sent it anyway, only saying "I broke piece #so and so off on installation." So I got it approved, sent it off to their RMA department a few weeks ago, and just got a new card back in the mail today! The best part, I must say, is that I looked on the top right hand corner of the card, and it says 3D Prophet III Ti 500 :D
Sometimes things just work out in our favor...Lucky Dawg!!!
Nothing like an unexpected suprise, eh??? SWEET...:D
This made me think of something...

I have a Visiontek GF3, and they have lifetime warantees right? Say my GF3 just happens to die around December, what are the chances of me getting a GF4 (or higher) or another refab GF3? I know this is highly unethical and I'm 99.9% sure I will not do this, but what are the chances anyway? They shouldn't have too many GF3s left by december for replacements, so it could work.

My most probable action will be just buying a NV30 along with a Hammer in January anyway, and give this to my sister or just have it crunch seti WUs.
Hey me too!! Well sort of. I did an rma to Herc/Gul. when a faulty psu fried my system. I sent them a prophet 2 mx 32meg, and got a 64 meg back!:D

I was cheesen from ear to ear for a week!