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Here comes phase change......

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Dec 25, 2000
Ok, the ole system is still running a wee bit hot under the hood. So, in order to maximize the cooling effect that the radaitor has...I have just purchased a 5000BTU window A/C, and i'm going to have it modified to just have an compressor on/off switch instead of a thermostate. Then there is some cool azz folks at a sheet metal shop that I know about, who are going to put together a simple "shroud" to "duct" all the cold air and force it into the radaitor. The radaitor will also be installed into a "shroud" so that all the cold *** air can be exposed to the radaitors cooling surface evenly. That outta do it. Dammit. ;D - I can't stand it anymore, the board and cpu posted at 1713 - and it STILL had some MAJOR head room...but I got scared because it starts to warm up too much...and POOF...it hardlocks, when the temp on the DD5 reaches 97.5 to 98.0F - it takes a dump...EVERY TIME. I am also going to step up to ~175GPH magdrive pump...so hopefully, this will solve my cooling woes.

I just wanna give a w00t! out to Colin, because he offered to send me some biocide for a evap-cooler, which I still plan on building, but I wanna see how this works first. Thanks man...you kick *** in my book!
I am interested to know the results of this experament, plz keep us informed. This could be a good summer solution for a lot of people as many of us already have air conditioners. I know my ambient temp water cooled rig has been strained this past week in a mini heat wave, had to clock it down fron 1440 to 1.33 in order to keep it stable.
Well, see, this is deal. One day, when it was still cool outside, I opened the doors and let the house get down to 60F.....needless to say, my temps went from 117F, to 79F underload, in less then 3 minutes. I didn't leave it like that long however. Only for about 5 minutes, no damage. Well, now with the A/C, its cooling force is just directed on the part that it needs to effect anyways. Some fellas at a sheet metal shop are going to build me a insulated duct to carry ALL the cold air, and force it through the radaitor, and then I can just "adjust" it to my wishes. I don't think I am going to have to worry about the coolant getting below dew point, as I am already running pretty overclocked, and when I can get some extra cooling going, then I will ramp this AXIA puppy up past 1.75Ghz...I managed to get it to boot at 1713 or something the other day... its still got an *** load of headroom, and I wonder just how far she'll go?
So, why wouldn't you just duct that cool air into the entire case, so that the other components could benefit from it?

Thats exactly what I had in mind to try after seeing this post. I want to try using a short length of dryer tube to duct some cold air into the 120mm intake on the side of my ambient temp water cooled setup. The machine is only about 3 feet from the AC anyway so it should work out good. This will have to wait a little while though not quite hot enough to crank the AC up yet.
Can we say, condensation? A standard A/C system will usually (if working properly) drop the ambient air temp by ~20 to 22 degrees. At 52F and the ambient is 72F with a 50-60% humidity factor...your just asking for computer death. However, just pushing the cold air through my heater core, will allow it to dumps many times the heat load that it normally would. I also can't and won't run that a/c 24/7/365 - that would be pointless. When I get ready to dog it with a game or something, just reach up there, and flip on the compressor via a modified switch, and then wait for the temps to start dropping, then bring the computer out of sleep mode, boom...super fat, super stable overclock. The computer only sleeps when I can not be here, but when I'm here I don't use the computer 100% of the time either, so during those times, it will fold or something, but when I get ready to go to bed, then I will stop it, cycle the compressor off, and put the pc to sleep, as the fan in the a/c just running by itself, doesn't use much juice, and will pull MUCH air rhough that limited space even on low. - If that did not make sense, sorry, its benn a LONG day.
I saw an interesting site where this guy had central a/c and one of those ground vents nearby his desk. He actually took the wheels off his tower, cut a big rectangle in the base, and set it flat over the vent. He was all happy about his mod. I looked all over for the link but couldnt find it...