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here is a trick to remove the super orb!

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Senior Member
Mar 7, 2001
I have read about everyone killing their chips with this fan and think that I found the way you should remove it. I took a small screwdriver and placed it between the clip and orb at the bottom and never pushed on the orb but just the clip and at the same time pushed out with the screw driver,hope this saves someones chip ,P.S watch the fan wires ,I didnt and almost cut one into. I also got my pc to 1000mhz 10x100 , but taking it slow , it is a 900mhz tb WILDONE
Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try to remove my SO soon and will certainly try this approach. There are a few threads in the AMD CPU section about dead CPUs and removing the SO. One I started since I'm getting ready to redo the thing.
but if that fails, just do what i did to remove a hsf, use a dremel. Just cover everything around it with a cloth, and cut at the clip. Then use qtips and a refrigerator magnet to remove the shards left, shouldn't be in to big an area. Worked to get my broken fop38 off(i installed it incorectly DOH!). Its a bit extreme, but it works and can save your chip!
Man, the hair on my neck is standing up! I don't know what freaked me out more, the Dremel or the magnet!
That worked great! I removed my SO last weekend in about 2 seconds without crushing a thing.

However I completely screwed up the rest of the job. See my thread on "I Blew The Lapp?"