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Here is an idea for a WB.....if its not perfected yet..

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Aug 21, 2001
I found this on eBay, and though the system isn't great. I liked the idea of adding a fan thats very quiet with the WB. I'm sure some people have done it already. But has anyone done this with a leading performing WB? It seems that if you can fab a WB you can fab a fan with it to get lower temps.
While it may seem like a good idea, I think that it most likely doesn't make a bit of difference in cooling. The reason is that the waterblock is not a heatsink. The waterblock is a conduit for heat to travel from the CPU to the water flowing through the block. Even on the tiny waterblocks that I make, the top of the block never heats up because the heat is going into the water. So it doesn't matter if there are fins on top...if the top doesn't heat up, then there's nothing for the fan to cool.

At least that's my assessment from the picture. Maybe you can provide the ebay link so that we can find out more about it.
yeah, people have tried it way back in the day, itll just make temps worse, it heats up the cpu block with the case air. Usually the water is cooler than the case air because the rad intake is fresh air.
the entire wb except over the core is gonna be the same temp as the water. Its just hte area over the core, and usually part of that doesnt even reach the top of the wb.

i think it would make a difference, anyone tried adding a fan blowing over their waterblocks? it moves the hot still block of air around the proccy which will make a difference... wel it did with me anyway.