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May 12, 2001
I recently received an Amd 1200 Thunderbird with a 266 FSB and an ASUS A7A266 mother board and had my roomate install it for me. After I installed the temperature gauge it notified me that my CPU temp was about 65C. Then it was beeping at me saying I was over the critical temp. I took the side off of my case and had my room fan air out the case and the temp went down to around 60C. So I took the fan and heat sink off and noticed the cpu is halfway melted around the core, my roomate put the heat sink on the wrong way! I scraped off the melted tape and applied thermal gel from Radio Shack and put the heat sink on the right way this time but the temp still reads 58C, isn't this kinda high? I am just using the fan and heat sink that came with the chip. Thanks for your help!
I have celeron 600, when I ran it @ 750MHz with default HSF, the temps were around 34'C, when I bought the Alpha PAL 6035, the temps were about the same, but what the PAL gave me was that under a full load, it kept the temps in 32-34'C degree range, when usually they were like 39'C

(but I don't think I did good on applying AS2, I'll try looking at it if my temps go over 45'C, 'cause I'm fine now)
If the core is melted then it is no longer flat and will not make good contact with the heatsink. I have heard of guys lapping the processor, but that kinda scares me. I am slightly surprised that it still runs.
The melted stuff was probably just the thermal tape.

What where your room temps? This would be helpful in knowing if your cooling is crap or not. If it is, you can try cleaning the tape off with alcohol, or lapping your heat sink. Lapping will actually really help cool it no matter what. I would recommend doing that if you plan on ocing at all. Though I would also recommend getting a new hsf for ocing and lapping that sucker before you put it on.

Right...I'm done rambling now.
I think the best thing to do would be to clock it back down untill you get better colling as your temps are too hot! check CPU database and see what other guys are running for coolers and check there temps if there posted. Also make sure that your HSF is mounted properly [sitting flat on proccesor] you can lightly lapp the top of proccesor and by looking at the smooth marks that youve made from sanding you can make sure that its perfectly flat remember dont go to far if you lapp your proccesor lapping your HSF is just about manditory for a overclocked PC using any kind of cooling if you have to take the sidecover off to bring your temps down its obvious you need better case cooling too.
good luck just thought of this your temps of 58C are they at idle if so your way to hot as when you play a games run apps that rely on proccesor horsepower you could toast that thing