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Here's my idea - please shoot holes in it!

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Jun 22, 2001
OK, first, I need a liquid with decent thermal conductivity properties that is *not* electrically conductive. Fluorocarbons come to mind, but the high vapor pressure is a problem. Any others out there?

If yo have an insulating liquid, there is no need for a water block. I want to develop a block that attaches directly to the chip package so that the liquid can flow directly over the die. No more AS, no more clamping, no more worries about heat transfer to the waterblock. I once say a picture of a television operating completely submerged in a vat of some fluorocarbon and that gave me the idea. Comments? Will this work? Has anyone done this before?
Check out what these nutty guys in New Zealand did. Look on the left side of the main page and click "supercooling" and "mission submersible" they did what you are talking about..submersed the entire system in a non conductive fluid. this article made my eyes bug out!http://www.octools.com/
sfa ok (Jul 03, 2001 10:11 a.m.):
The die is waterproof, so you can do direct die cooling with water.

Then why not attach a shell to the plastic pin-board (or whatever the tech term is for it) with some sort of caulk and run the coolant through that? Granted, it might end up being permanently bonded, but that's good, right? :)
Here's a good picture of what Surlyjoe did for his original direct die cooling.

Sunny Delight cooling, yipee!! Just use water and some water wetter and you will be fine. No need to go all fancy with flurocarbon or anything silly like that!
wouldnt it still be better to have a small heatsink on the die. To increase surface area.
BlakeN (Jul 05, 2001 10:45 a.m.):
wouldnt it still be better to have a small heatsink on the die. To increase surface area.

that's actually something I thought of when I saw Spodes mods. Seems to make sense, even if it were just a fin or 2 sticking up from the die.