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heres some new voodoo drivers

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Well I d/led the Xgamer 2 drivers for my voodoo3 2000 and it added a heck of alot of features....Especialy under Advanced Features....I mean theres so many I dont know what to do with them lol...One that I really like is T&L is now available and it WORKS! There is also setting for Anti Alisiing but it wont work...so far its the only thing that doesnt work...But my fav feature is you can enable cpu optimization for either MMXcpus or 3dnow!, And it really does help with like my athlon cpu...I love these drivers..Quake 3 seems to aswell..they even sped up the wickedgl drivers in Q3..odd huh but man I love these..guess there is an afterlife for my voodoo3 hehe...but Im still getting radeon.

Also you need a faster cpu for these cause of the many features at the depend on the cpu..but some do work off the video card ( guess the voodoos had some hidden features after all).
I tried these as well. Did you notice how the colors seem to be more vivid or something with them? I noticed a big differance between them and the regular voodoo drivers in Land Warrior.
All the added features, and the supposed DX8a support in these are nice!

Sheesh, now im ready to try a $50 voodoo5!
Yeah I did and I can now run Hardware T&L Direct x in 3dmark 2000..and I got a score of around 3686
im glad to see the improvements can you be specific on the driver your now using.i want to set up my freinds voodoo 5 and want to make sure i choose the right one the first time
Well, that really sucks! My Voodoo 5 5500 is now on it's way too Hampton, VA. via ups to a guy who bought it over Ebay. But I have a radeon 64 DDR coming on monday. Plus I got $96.00 for my V5! Not to bad!

Don't flame me but I really think I'll be much happier with the Radeon then I was with the V5. I just wish I could have tried the new drivers. But how can it have support for Hardware T&L? I the V5 doesn't have Harware T&L? Wouldn't have to be software? I could be wrong as I'm not an expert.
you are right but the wickedGLs will improve the perfomance a lot. you should not have sold the card because now we have to flame you....3dfx rulz! okay not really a flame and not really the truth but diehard voodoo people are crazy about it! with one exception the 6000.
el (Jun 28, 2001 05:21 p.m.):
you should not have sold the card because now we have to flame you....3dfx rulz! okay not really a flame and not really the truth but diehard voodoo people are crazy about it! with one exception the 6000.

I was a die hard voodoo fan for years. Hell if they were still around I still woudl be! :) But It's time to move on and Radeon looked like the best option (GOD FORBID I BUY AN NVIDIA CARD!). With the exception of the Radeon 2 coming out later this summer. But for the price compared to what I got for my V5 it's worth it right now. Only really ended up costing me around $60.00 out of my pocket. So thats not to bad.

SO FLAME ON BABY!!!!!!!!! :)

By the way that was just a joke!:)
Thanks for the Sweet link Harderclock!
I agree bdf24
I'm off to get the new drivers for my Voodoo3 2000, but soon as I can I'm going to Radeon.
Well I can't flame you cuz you sig still says voodoo5. I guess you miss it so much that you don't have the heart to change it to a Radeon. which bios were you using with the v5? I just went to the 1.18 adn it got rid of all the artifacts I was seeing adn the tearing. I think this bios is great but it didn't like anything but the default clock speed and I want to run it at 183mhz!

btw up the vcore and run that p800 at 8x133! will it post? I think so cuz my 600E does 800 np and i just upped the vcore to 1.75 depends on the chip is that all most of the 800e get in the cpu database? check it out dude
they really arent new drivers. all they are are different parts of old drivers combined together. then some guy somewhere edits the inf file to make them work together. hell, if it works for u, go for it. but with my rig though, the newest omega drivers work best(not the special ones). the 1.18 bios added no performance but i kept them anyway. and the wicked drivers do more harm than good for me. there are a few driver sets out there(iceman, omega, x3dfx, 3dfx official, 3dfx beta) so just try them out. different drivers work different on different machines.
I flashed my V5 Bios to 116 a while back. Didn't really notice any improvement. Also my system won't boot with a FSB of 133mhz. The fastest this PIII 800 will run is 1008mhz with a core voltage of 1.85 or higher. And thats only if I have a tec installed. I'm sure a lot of people around here could witness the fact that my PIII 800 was at it's limits! Anything over 960mhz needs a temp of 29c to remain stable. Right now I cant even run that high. This board I'm using since my BE6-II died on me is a piece of crap. The FSB settings are 103, 112, 133mhz.

I also had a PIII 600E which I ran with my BE6-II at 840mhz with default core voltage. If I would have known then what I know now. I would have gotten that thing close to a gig. I know if I would have upped the voltage I could have gotten close.

Btw the V5 is now gone from my sig. And replaced with an awesome SiS 6326 AGP Baby! Awesome video card, Yeah right. LOL!
Well guess what I found a problem with the Xgamer 2 V3 drivers...3dmark2000 will run Hardware T&L fine but 3dmark2001 crashes to the desktop when I try to run it in Hardware T&L...and I do have DX8..odd huh?