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Here's what I did to my MC462

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Jun 7, 2001
I took the 80mm fan off. Took 2 92mm 40cfm fans and stacked them in a stair formation so that the fins line up at the center of the hsf. This way you don't have a motor not pushing any air where the cpu is. Unfortunetly I only have a tbird 650 which is running at 866 to test, I broke my 1ghz axia :(. 133x6.5 1.88vcore. Mobo temp is 28c. Idle cpu temp is 32c. 25min Full load is 36c but I think it could possibly go 37c if left longer but it isn't showing any sign of going higher.

I've got more plans to make a directional shaft that would surround the MC462 sucking the air out of the case. It would have to be a high powered one to suck away the 80cfm the 92mm fans blow though. What do you think so far?
your temps are pretty good but if you oc to higher speeds you'll need to get that fan blowing out the hot air. definitely, a high cfm fan would be essential. anyways, how did you brake your axia? :)
there was a site that had a very similar setup with two YStech fans for a 60mm hsf. Although he did not use a stair for the hsf. Gets better results and it won't be any louder.
turns out I was an idiot and had the 92mm fans in the 5V line not the 12V. Results are tbird 650 @ 890mhz 1.91v (137x6.5). Mobo temp 27c, cpu idle 28c, cpu full load 30c. Way way better but it didn't translate into higher clocks because of the cpu limit. I might do a voltage mod on my iwill now and see what I get...
anarki_gr (Jun 16, 2001 05:20 p.m.):
how did you brake your axia? :)

sizzle sizzle. THe MC462 comes with washers to go between the mobo and the screw holders, it is not needed on some mobo's and wasn't on mine. I mistakenly put them on, fired up and got the bios screen but it was shaking around like the old snes wave effect in games. After that I took the heatsink off and found that oil stuff on the heatsink but the heatsink hardly got a connection to the cpu core so it fried. I expected and was dissapointed when I didn't see a core that was broken in half and black ;)
never ever :) I'm keeping the 1ghz cpu right by my monitor so I look at it everyday.