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hey boys, i'm baaack!

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Dec 20, 2000
no-one prob noticed (or cared) but i've been gone for a week and a half.....
well, i've been in the hospital having parts cut out of me. I had an appendix that would burst soon, 2 fridays ago, so they rushed me into surgery. Am at school rite now.....
well, just actully wanted to say hi and wanted to ask about the MSI K7T Turbo.... nice price, nice features.... is it worth it??
and the is NO EPOX BOARDS IN MY CITY!!! i am 15, so i cant buy stuff online....
it's ethier the K7T pro2, the turbo, or if i can rob a bank, the KT7a.
The MSI ain't a bad mobo but I have heard of more people having problems with than the Epox 8KTA3. They both seem to be in the same price range, the next step up is to a KT7A or a A7V133.... and after that, the Iwill KK266 and the KT7A-R. I'd take a long hard look at the Epox before buying and decide which has the features YOU like and which would be the easiest for YOU to use. Dont base your decision on other people's preferences, unless they are the same as what you want.

heres 2 reviews on the Epox that i would look into if your wanting a fairly cheap but very nice mobo

http://www.cotty.btinternet.co.uk/ (its there on the main page)

I personally am going for that mobo unless something better (by which i mean cheaper) comes along.

As for the Msi, i dont know, havent read anything on the turbo, but read a so-so review on the pro. Sickboys right find the mobo thats right for you.

btw if i had money id go for the kt7a, but alas no $$$. The Epox will serve my purpose.