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hey guys, any comments on asus a7a???

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New Member
Mar 5, 2001
any idea whether msi or epox....is having something which is similar to asus a7a?

and, how is a7a doing, any comments??

Tha A7V is a great board. It's very easy to overclock with, and pretty stable. The only thing that's bad is that it isn't very happy about high FSB speeds. Most of them max out at 110MHz.
I think he is talking about the A7A266(ALi MAGiK 1), If that is the case, the motherboard is competitive to Iwill KA266(ALi MAGiK 1), but not quite as good as A7M266(AMD760). If you want to use SDRAM now and DDR later, the A7A266 is for this purpose. For performance wise, A7M266 has the edge and 3 Dimm slots are better than two. MSI motherboard will use the VIA KT266 chipset and probably no one else will be using AMD760 chipset except Asus.
it is true that the amd760 chipset performs fairly better that the other chipsets out there supportins DDR...but the a7a266 will be a fun motherboard to play with...
I have heard, for the most part, that boards with the AMD760 chipset perform about as well as ones with KT266.... many conflicting reviews of what's better between those two so I figure that, for now, they perform about the same. One thing that most all reviews agree about is that both of those chipsets outperform the ALi Magik 1. That's reason enough for me to stay away from the KA266 and the A7A266.