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Hey Hoot, where did you get that shroud??

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Im pretty sure hoot made it himself...

I've been trying to duplicate making that shroud but I gave up and will be getting a D-tek shroud soon
Yeah, I tried making one today and it came out ok. (NOT!!) I mean it would work if I used it, but it looks like crap. And since I have a window, I want something that looks good. I’ve never heard of D-tek before. Would you mind telling where you’re getting it from? Thanks. :)
I copied Hoots shroud design, but took one step further. I think there is a thread I started on how I made my shroud. I will look. It may be at another site.
I decided to taper the design so I could use the 6” x 12” x 1/16” brass I found at the local Ace Hardware. By tapering the shroud to the center will allow me to get the front and back from one piece of brass. The sides are made of 1” x 1/16” brass stock. I made a jig from ¾” plywood the same size as the H/C. I then took the plywood and set the table saw at a 25-degree angle and cut all four sides. This gave me the angles to cut the brass stock to. Next I used a finish belt sander that has the round sanding disc built on the side. I set the fence on the sander to 25-degree angle and ground all four sides to fit the plywood jig. Then it was a matter of soldering all four corners. Next I took the 6” x 12” faceplate material and cut it in half. I trimmed each 6” x 6” to fit either side of the shroud. Then I cut the holes to match the fan diameter. At work we have a blind nut gun, (looks like a rivet gun) which installs a blind nut. I installed the nuts in each corner. Then the faceplates were solder to the shroud. The shrounds were solder to the heater core. In Hoots setup he made the shrouds to fit over the core.

I used 1/2" X 3/8" brass barbs purchased at a hardware store. I then placed the barb end into a drill press chuck. The drill press was used like a lathe. I used a file with the drill press turning about 1500 RPM's. I filed the 3/8" threads off until each barb would fit inside the copper tubing of the heater core. Next I took a small tubing cutter and removed the barbs from the Chevy Chevette heater core. The 1/2" barbs will fit 1/2" ID tubing. Then I solder the barbs to the core.
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Here is an image of some of the products I used to make the shroud. In the photo is the simple jig. If you look you can see the tappered sides of the plywood.
CyberMouse, I noticed you are using and Antec case. I have included another photo of how my rad/fan will sit in the case. I did not remove the upper HD cage.
Thanks for the pics DodgeViper. Your heater core looks great!! :D Thanks to you, I think I'll try making another shroud tomorrow. I doubt it will look as good as yours, but I’ll give it a shot. :)

PS where are you planning to put your pump?
Hey Viper,

What case do you have(sx1000)? And how are your temps? That heater core looks great. If you have spare time you should make them and sell them. I would buy one from you.:)
Dude, I hope you have some sort of fanbus control of those fans. Otherwise your radiator will sound like a jet airplane with those fans on it. :D

But it still looks really nice.
Yo Dodge Viper... I have a nice Z06 to race you.. jeje
I was wondering... from what I can observe in your pic... for what do you need that radiator????? your system is aircooled!!!!!!????
The Highlander said:
Yo Dodge Viper... I have a nice Z06 to race you.. jeje
I was wondering... from what I can observe in your pic... for what do you need that radiator????? your system is aircooled!!!!!!????

Dude, I've seen that pic many times and I never even thought of that. :D

Maybe thats really his propulsion plant and he's going to cool it by flying it around his room.

OK guys, here to scoop. The rad is going into the computer you see it in. The 2-120mm fans are PanoFlos which are quieter than 1 of my current 80mm fans (35.6dba). The water-cooling is not finished and I am still cooling with air. Just ordered the Gemini High Flow Spiral W/B and stoping by PetsMart today to buy the Danner Mag5 500GPH pump.Should have the system running by next week. The pump will go in the bottom in front of the PCI slots. I now have completely insulated the case, even though this photo does not show it. Anyway if you need anymore info. please ask. Yes it's an Antec SX1000 case.
cyber mouse45 said:
I was just wondering where you got those shrouds for your heater core.

It looks like you have your answer, but i fashioned mine from a single sheet of copper and soldered the seams. Here is a rough drawing:
very nice looking, so i take it that a shroud is like a radiator
and cools the water??? :confused:
No, the shroud goes in front of the radiator to ensure that the airflow of the fan covers all of the radiators surface area.