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Hi or Low?

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Mar 11, 2001
With a software monitor of my cpu temps, I was wondering if 42 degress celsius (full load) wause to high? I know it's not the core ratings that's the concern. Oh, and I'm running stock voltage!
It's probably not too high, but what processor, how fast, and what voltage are you running? I'ts within AMD's specs for any of their CPU's and probably intels as well.
What are temps idle? It had better be within intel specs as im running my 800EB @51C/53C full load. Its definitly an acceptible temp but if your going to be doing some hefty o/cing you may want to invest in a better cooler/compound if you havent already. But if your just playing games or going on the internet and such then thats a perfectly acceptable temperature.
AMD Thunderbird
default speed, 850 mhz at 1.79v

I was just wondering because in the feature I am planning to overclock the cpu. Just checking to see if I install the thermnal paste right.