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High CPU Usage while on max Clockspeed in games

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New Member
Jan 2, 2022

After years of read-only I finally decided to ask you helpful people about my newest problem.

I just tweaked my intel i5-8600k on stable 4.8 GHz @1,24V with good temperatures.

Since my CPU Clockspeed has always been on max (4,8Ghz) what caused pretty much unnessessary waste of electricity in idle (about 30-40 W only CPU), I changed the CPU Voltage on adaptive in UEFI and changed the Battery profile in Win11 from High performance to Balanced.

That worked to get down with my clock speed to 1.X GHz in idle with about 7W without losing performance in Games or CPU Performance Tests. The CPU still clocks up to 4.8GHz under load.

So far so good - I've been quite happy with that result.

BUT, now I realized in some games which should not be that hard to handle for my CPU, I'm always around 90-100% CPU usage (144FPS, 2560*1440p). This was not the case without the adaptive / balance changes. It has been always about 50-60% usage.

Now the strange part:
When I enter the Battery Plan options -> Go to the advanced settings in the Balanced power plan and limit the CPU Performance to 99% (instat of 100%), the CPU clock speed goes down to 3.59GHz and the CPU usage drops from 90% to 50% ingame.
3.59GHz makes sence to me since the 8600K's base speed is 3.6GHz.

But why the hell does the CPU need 40% LESS usage to run my game with LOWER Frequency?
Or other way around: why is my CPU on max usage with 100% power and overclock for the game, that should only use like 50% usage?

Does anyone of you heard of this problem or have any ideas how to solve it?
I actually don't want to swap back to override voltage mode with high performance power plan to save that power.

Problem appears with League of Legends.

Thanks in advance.
And happy new year :)
What motherboard do you have? Do you have C-States Enabled/Disabled?